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Insite National Bank

Ag & Commercial Loans

Commercial Products & Services:

Commercial Loans
Citizens State Bank offers a wide range of commercial loans to finance inventory, machinery and equipment, account receivables and operating capital. Loan terms can be obtained for up to seven years for machinery and equipment and can be set up with a variety of repayment options. All loans have competitive interest rates and can be structured to meet the cash flow needs of your business.

Commercial Real Estate Loans
Citizens State Bank offers real estate loans for the purchase or refinance of commercial real property. Terms can be scheduled for up to twenty years dependent on the nature of the collateral pledged for the loan. We offer three and five year adjustable rate mortgages as well as balloons, and in some scenarios, can offer up to a fifteen year fixed rate.

Government Assisted Loans
Citizens State Bank participates in numerous state and federal commercial loan programs. Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loans are used for applicants not meeting traditional loan requirements. Theses loans can be used to assist those applicants who desire to start a new business or for the purchase of a new business. The State of Iowa also has LINK loans that Citizens State Bank has used to allow women, minorities or targeted small businesses to receive loans at below market interest rates. Stop in and see any of our loan officers who would be willing to discuss these loans with you.

Commercial Deposit Products with YOUR Business in Mind
We understand that no two businesses are just alike, so at Citizens State Bank we'll tailor your commercial checking account to fit your business needs! We also offer commercial Money Market accounts in which to deposit your short-term excess and put it to work for you! Whether you're a new business owner, a new manager, or an established business person who wants to re-evaluate your banking strategy - come talk with us about how Citizens State Bank's commercial accounts can work for you!

Agricultural Products & Services

Operating Loans
Citizens State Bank offers a wide range of operating loans for our farm customers. These loans can be obtained for crop or livestock operating needs including purchase price cattle and hog loans. The terms of the loans are scheduled for repayment based on the cash flow of each operation. Reduced rates are available for crop inputs and also for purchase price livestock.

Term Operating Loans
Citizens State Bank makes loans for the purchase of machinery, equipment and breeding stock for terms of up to seven years. We offer competitive fixed as well as variable rates and can structure the repayment to match to cash flow of the farm operation.

Farm Real Estate Loans
Looking to purchase or refinance a farm or construct a new building? Make sure you stop by or call Citizens State Bank to obtain our rates. Citizens State Bank offers very competitive rates and terms on farm real estate loans. We offer three and five year adjustable rate loans and balloons, as well as some fifteen year fixed rates. Loans can be amortized for up to twenty-five years depending on the collateral pledged for the loan.

Government Assisted Loans
Citizens State Bank is committed to the future of agriculture and participates in several different agricultural loan programs to assist beginning farmers and those borrowers who do not qualify for ag loans on traditional terms. Citizens State Bank uses the Farm Service Agency loan guarantee programs to assist these applicants in obtaining operating, machinery, breeding stock, etc. Some of these loans are eligible for interest assistance from the government that reduces the rate to below market terms. Citizens State Bank also participates in the State of Iowa "Beginning Farmer" Loan Program. This program allows a beginning farmer to obtain loans at below market rates for the life of the loan. Contact a Citizens State Bank loan officer to see if you qualify for any of these programs.